oscar wilde

L) struts and frets to the merriment of Walt Whitman (Sam Tsoutsouvas) in 'Oscar & Walt.' Photo: Suellen Fitzsimmons.|Does art mirror life

A Moving Picture: Kinetic Theatre’s ‘Oscar & Walt’ 

You’ve got Oscar Wilde. You’ve got Walt Whitman. And a strong play about the day they really met.

photographed during the U.S. speaking tour that made him an intercontinental celebrity.

Pittsburgh Public Theater Debuts New PlayTime Virtual Performance Series

The Public begins a weekly web series of dramatic theatrical readings.

R) meets Nellis (Liam Ezra Dickinson)

‘The Censor’ Demands to Be Seen

A new play by David L. Williams at Through is a psycho-political art thriller laced with humor.

‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ Looking Good

This big screen version of the old TV series gives the 1960’s a shot of cinematic Botox.

Victor Hugo

‘L’Hotel’: Inside the Lifestyles of the Dead and Famous

Six deceased superstars haunt Paris’ ‘L’Hotel’ in a world premiere at Pittsburgh Public Theater

‘Dream Body’ Evokes Emotion at Penn Gallery; John McDonald Rocks Stage AE (CPs Sun., 3/16/2014)

Blaine Siegel, John McDonald, “Bolero” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “The Importance of Being Ernest,” Pens vs. Flyers

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