Pittsburgh art exhibitions

'The Wheat Field behind St. Paul's Hospital

Land of Visions: French Art in ‘Van Gogh, Monet, Degas’ at The Frick

The Frick Pittsburgh hosts an art show highlighting big themes and little-known gems from a time of great artistic ferment.

woman-as-parade-float style that will soon become as obsolete as the horse-drawn carriage receding in the distance.|The state-of-the-art gentleman stays high and dry: Lartigue's brother Maurice

Life on the Edge, in Flashback: Lartigue’s Photos at The Frick

The Jacques Henri Lartigue show at Pittsburgh’s Frick Art Museum has pictures of a world evolving from steampunk to sleek.

Abby Lee Kicks Off Summer at Hartwood; “Psychic Panic” Continues at SPACE (CPs Sun., 6/1/14)

Abby Lee dance Company, “Psychic Panic,” Las Palmas, “Maleficent”

10 Years in One Evening at the Rex; “Neverlands” at 709 Penn (CPs Thu., 1/30/14)

10 Years, Terry Boyd’s “Neverland,” Briar Rabbit, Jekyl and Hyde’s Karae

Cool Picks Thursday August 30, 2012

1) “Light, Matter, Memory” continues it’s run at the Wood Street Galleries. Artists Nicky Assmann, Diane Landry, Macular,Yo Seyama all explore the use of light in relation to materiality and memory. The result is four very cool art installations. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. 601 Wood Street above the “T” Downtown. Free. 2) Steelers host…

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