South Side BBQ Company: Food Innovators; “Seventh Son” Now Screening (CPs Tues., 2/10/15)

1) Since the late ‘80s, Pat Joyce had owned or run the 17th St. Café until he decided it was time for something new. With help from his brother, Mike Joyce, the 17th St. Café was reborn as The Southside BBQ Company. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and has a brunch menu on weekends. They also cater. In addition to offering the best of Carolina, St. Louis, and Texas hospitality, the restaurant has a Pittsburgh original—the Bar-Ba-Cone! That’s chicken or pulled pork, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese … in a waffle cone. And if you think you’ve seen The Southside BBQ Company outside the South Side, it is because the brothers also operate a food truck, “CarnivoreMobile.” 1707 Wrights Way, South Side.


2) Seventh Son — The first of our Julianne Moore outings. This is, in movie parlance, “inspired” by Joseph Delaney’s fantasy novel The Last Apprentice. (Which probably means they took the title and the characters and made up everything else.) Here we have Jeff Bridges playing an old man guarding “The County” from witches and ghouls … with Moore as one of his biggest foes, the evil Mother Malkin. But Jeff’s getting up there in years and looking to retire. Ben Barnes applies for the position, but every other candidate has failed to survive the training. Can Ben do it, and if not, what stands between “The County” and Mother Malkin? Check Fandango for screens and times.

3) Getaway to the tropics with a trip to Brillobox for Tropical Tuesdays. There you’ll feel the trade winds (heat flowing from ducts) soothing your overdue vacation bones. Here’s a sampling of their specials: $3 select craft cans, $4 frozen drinks, $10 California bubble bath, $10 Eva Peron, $7 Fernet con cola, and $6 Coronita Margaveza. You can also sop up the island drinks with $7 pineapple soy-glazed chicken or tofu skewers served with Caribbean sweet potato salad. Shoes and shirt required. 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. 4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.