Rachel B.

Rachel B and Mike Roth

Last summer, musician Rachel B decamped her Los Angeles address and moved to Pittsburgh. She said, “I came to Pittsburgh on a cross-country tour and fell in with the city and its supportive arts community. I packed my bags and moved about two months later. I am learning and to trust my gut and something told me to move here. It was a great decision!”  Joining the Traverse City, Michigan native on the cross-country move was one of her

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Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution and Rachel B

With a Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution / Rachel B double bill, it’s a good night for soul and R&B at Pittsburgh Winery. Smith and her band have plenty to be proud of: grand prize in Drusky Entertainment’s “On The Verge” Battle of the Bands, opening for Tower of Power and other national acts, headlining plenty of sold-out shows. Oh, and a funky EP, titled Soul Distribution. Not to be outdone, Rachel B self-released her debut EP, I’m the Boss, and her music could be

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