Last Week for City Theatre’s ‘The Wanderers’; Lincoln Park Has ‘The Nutcracker’ (Thurs., 12/15/22)

THE WANDERERS by Anna Ziegler. City Theatre. Through December 18.

A force majeure in Hollywood circles, Julia (Sarah Goeke) excites Abe’s (Resnick) alter ego.

A force majeure in Hollywood circles, Julia (Sarah Goeke) excites Abe’s (Resnick) alter ego.

1) Life tests us––well beyond the challenging years of SAT tests––to compare and contrast. In Anna Ziegler’s highly acclaimed wistful drama, The Wanderers, two couples play out their marriages in comparative strokes of introspection and dreams. Esther and Schmuli are two young Orthodox Jews in a traditional arranged marriage. Abe and Sophie, more modern and more fascinated with secular ideals of fame and fortune, follow more common paths to marital happiness. But, as a novelist and near-narrator of his own story, Abe flirts with temptation and, like a serpent, it bites back in ways that pose for each couple the elusive mysteries of true love. Ziegler, whose popular plays include The Last Match, Boy, and Photograph 51, has won huge praise for this sweet, wryly funny, dive into what makes humans happy. The DC Theatre Scene even lauded it as “the perfect play.” See our review. 8 p.m. City Theatre presents The Wanderers at 1300 Bingham St. South Side. (C.P.O.)

THE NUTCRACKER (ballet) by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. Dec. 15 – 18. 

2) In case any newcomers to our city wondered: Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center is not related to the Chicago zoo of the same name. It is a regional hub of arts activity in Midland, just down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, and an annual production of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker is a highlight there. 7:30 p.m. One Lincoln Place, Midland. (M.V.)

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