The Andy Warhol Museum

Edie Sedgwick became a close friend of Andy Warhol, acted in his films, and was a rising star in the New York fashion scene—all before tragically dying young. A short film-to-video clip of Edie is part of the 'Unseen' exhibition at The Warhol. This still frame shows Edie in her prime, glowing through a rose-colored haze. (Image © The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, a museum of Carnegie Institute. All rights reserved.)

‘Unseen’ Art at The Warhol: More Than We Knew

The Warhol Museum’s show displays artwork by Andy that has been, figuratively speaking, in the closet

Turnbo is trying to convince Rena (Elexa Hanner) that she'd be better off with him and not Youngblood.

Pittsburgh Playwright’s ‘Jitney’ in Last Week at August Wilson House: Free RADical Days at Warhol Museum (Thurs., 9/15/22)

‘Jitney,’ Free RADical Days at The Andy Warhol Museum

John Waters Performs Stand-up at Carnegie Music Hall (Thurs., 10/21/21)

John Waters

Free RADical Days at the Andy Warhol Museum (Wed., 9/29/21)

The Andy Warhol Museum

kid: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Prince of Pop Meets Street-Art Phenom: ‘Warhol and Basquiat’ at The Warhol

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, born than a generation apart, generated some fascinating art together.


Good Fridays at the Warhol Museum (Fri., 4/23/21)

Good Fridays at the Warhol Museum.

Andy Warhol

Free RADical Days at The Andy Warhol Museum (Wed., 10/28/20)

RADical Days at The Warhol Museum


Art from New Angles: The Carnegie and The Warhol Online

You say it’s not like being there? True, but you get new views in some on visits to Pittsburgh museums.


Slaughter in Concert at Jergel’s; CHMH Hosts Natastha Bedingfield; Warhol Museum Celebrates 25 Years (Sun., 10/20/19)

Slaughter, Natasha Bedingfield, Andy Warhol 25th Anniversary, ‘Cowboy’

art waiting to happen. Youthful Andy collected pics of movie stars; adult Andy made them subjects of his work.|Here's "Female Movie Star Composite." The story explains the initials.|Which witch? Yep

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Fame: Warhol’s ‘Stars of the Silver Screen’

The new exhibit at the Warhol Museum is than an art show; it’s psycho-history.

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