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Life Sneaks Up on You: ‘A Life in the Theatre’ at Kinetic

An intriguing but seldom-seen modern comedy gets a resounding revival in Pittsburgh

Performer Marcus Weiss turns a one-man show into an all-hands celebration in 'Every Brilliant Thing.' (Photo: Rocky Raco)

An Experiment in Emotional Energy: ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ at Kinetic 

Kinetic’s seriocomedy asks, can we take an upbeat approach in the face of life’s dark downsides?

shocked at the mischief bedeviling master Molière and Armande

Dead Man Walking, But He’s a Live Wire: Kinetic’s ‘Invalid’

Pittsburgh gets read the riot act in the world premiere of a wild comedy about Molière.

L) struts and frets to the merriment of Walt Whitman (Sam Tsoutsouvas) in 'Oscar & Walt.' Photo: Suellen Fitzsimmons.|Does art mirror life

A Moving Picture: Kinetic Theatre’s ‘Oscar & Walt’ 

You’ve got Oscar Wilde. You’ve got Walt Whitman. And a strong play about the day they really met.


You Want Zany? ‘Scapino’ Can Handle That

Kinetic Theatre stages a new play that wakes the wacky echoes of humor past.


Sherlock Confronts Personality-Disordered Villain in Kinetic’s ‘Speckled Band’

Pittsburgh gets to see a vintage Holmes play revived—and a vicious bad guy vanquished.

if any

‘Holmes and Watson’ at Kinetic: The Riddler Strikes

Kinetic Theatre brings an intriguing new Sherlock Holmes play to Pittsburgh.

as Kenneth (Darren Weller) provides stud service.

Nightmare Comedy for Our Times: ‘Love, Love, Love’ at Kinetic Theatre

Pittsburgh theater company Kinetic stages a British satire that’s a wicked riff on baby-boomers—and .

L) and Lucrece (Sarah Silk) use spyware to monitor the dubious doings of Dorante.|Bromance on the rocks: Dorante (Ethan Saks

No Lie: ‘The Liar’ Is Really Good

The strange comedy at Kinetic Theatre is an unlikely but strong contender for Play of the Year.

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