August Wilson

Doub (Chuck Timbers)

Pittsburgh Playwright’s’ ‘Jitney’ Will Transport You to 70’s Hill District Drama

Pittsburgh Playwrights’ production of August Wilson’s ‘Jitney’ added to the grand opening weekend of the August Wilson House.

|This fun promo art for Pittsburgh Playwright Theatre's 'Jitney' shows the actors appearing in the production at the August Wilson House. (Artwork by Brandon Jennings)|Daina Michelle Griffith portrays Elizaveta Grushinskaya in Front Porch Theatricals' 'Grand Hotel.' It's the same part that Greta Garbo played in the film version.|

August 2022 Theater Guide: a ‘Sister Act,’ a ‘Jitney’ Ride,’ and the ‘Grand Hotel’

It’s a very slow, but very good theater month in Pittsburgh.

' (l. to r.): Hambone (Ananias J Dixon)

Catch The Public’s ‘Two Trains Running’ to August Wilson’s 1968 Pittsburgh

‘Two Trains Running’ demonstrates August Wilson’s mastery of dialogue.

|Lesley Nicol.

August Wilson, Agatha Christie, and a New ‘The Chief’ Among Pittsburgh Public Theater New Season Offerings

A wide range of plays is on tap this season at The Public.

' adapted from the August Wilson play

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Roars at the Manor (Wed., 12/2/20)

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’

' adapted from the August Wilson play

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Comes to the Big Screen

African-American musicians of the Roaring Twenties roar to life in the film made from August Wilson’s play.

Counting Crows and Live in Concert at KeyBank; August Wilson’s ‘How I learned What I learned’ Opens at New Hazlett (Thurs., 8/30/18)

Counting Crows and Live, ‘How I learned What I Learned’

in 'Disney's Aladdin.' (Photo: Deer van Meen)

August Theater Guide: Seasonal Variations, Strange Bedfellows

Live theater in Pittsburgh this month includes an odd assortment of shows that reflect the oncoming segue from summer to fall.

as played by Edwin Booth in 1870.|Charlotte Brontë was ahead of her time.|Canadian actor Kyle Cameron plays Sean in ‘The White Chip.’|O lucky man: Nemorino (tenor Dimitri Pittas

April Theater Guide: A Deluge of Strong Shows

Pittsburgh theater companies aren’t tripping lightly into spring; they’re storming in.

Denzel Washington in 2000 photo. credit: S. Jaud (de:Benutzer:Falkenauge)

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Make for Strong “Fences”

“Fences” is an emotional, dialogue driven film written by Pittsburgh born playwright August Wilson. Denzel Washington directs and stars opposite Viola Davis in the movie.

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