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With their jobs on the line, Faye (Etta Cox), Shanita (Saige Smith), and Dez (Brenden Peifer) can only play the hands they’ve been dealt.

Barebones’ ‘Skeleton Crew’ Rattles with Relevance

Barebones productions assembles a powerful production with ‘Skeleton Crew.’

Rafael advises badass Jason (Patrick Cannon

A Morality Play with Rhythm. And Sandwiches: ‘Clyde’s’ at City Theatre

Pittsburgh gets an unusual comedy-drama about prisons, moral principles, and food for the soul.

William! When William Kemmler (Jerreme Rodriguez) lets it rip

Live Theater Returns with Culture Shock in Quantum’s ‘The Current War’

It’s than electricity. Quantum Theatre’s latest show is a mythic battle of good and evil.

Writer/performer Shua Potter nails it in 'Claws Out.' (photo: Kristi Jan Hoover)

City Theatre’s ‘Claws Out’ Rips a New Path to Holiday Cheer

‘Claws Out,’ subtitled ‘The Holiday Drag Musical,’ aims to be naughty AND nice.

while Irene (Helena Ruoti) hovers skeptically.|Home rule becomes an issue when Gerry

Good Old-Fashioned Psychodrama: ‘Downstairs’ at City Theatre

A new play adds tragicomic intrigue to Pittsburgh’s theater scene.

L) is taking cues from Robyn (Laurie Klatscher) in that regard.|In a pose that conjures up the Sistine Chapel fresco of God sharing the spark of life with Adam

A Case of Identity Theft: ‘The Roommate’ at City Theatre

City Theatre’s latest, a two-woman comedy-drama, adds up to late-life identity crisis squared.

L) and Morfina (Ann Talman) beg for succor

City Theatre Premieres Thomas’s ‘Citizens Market’

Pittsburgh theater fans are first to see a new play about immigrants in New York City.

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