Karla Boos

Perfect Storm: Quantum’s ‘The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk’ 

A musical play about Marc and Bella Chagall? Sounds exotic, but it hits home on many fronts at once.

young Anya (Julia de Avilez Rocha

Be There and Be Haunted: ‘The Cherry Orchard’ at Quantum

Chekhov’s tragicomedy turns eerie in a new Pittsburgh production.

center) has flashbacks. His younger self and long-lost love come to life repeatedly

Quantum’s ‘Chimerica’ Hits Us Where We Live

Pittsburgh gets a powerful play. It’s about living in the real world.

Erika Strasburg

Quantum Theatre’s ‘An Odyssey’ is a Fantastic Voyage

The new adaptation of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ seeks to update it for modern times.

adaptively. (photo courtesy of the artist)

Quantum’s 30th Season: A Rich Past, Three New Numbers

‘An Odyssey,’ not quite as Homer intended, kicks off Quantum Theatre’s foray into its 30s.

one of the stops on the Downtown theater walk.

Take a Hike With Quantum’s ’10 for 21′ Innovative Theater Walk

As spring returns to Pittsburgh, Quantum is offering an outdoor theatrical experience.

as Joan

Quantum’s ‘Far Away’ Brings High-Quality Chiller Theater to Home Screens

An eerie dystopian play by Caryl Churchill gets a full-up film production from Pittsburgh’s Quantum Theatre.

' by Caryl Churchill. (photo courtesy of the artist)

Quantum’s ‘Love and Information’ Breaks New Ground in Online Theater (Thurs., 6/18/20)

‘Love and Information’

Violeta Parra (Loyola-Garcia) dancing with her brother Nicanor Parra (Perry) as the ensemble joins in the fun.

In ‘Looking for Violeta’ Quantum Theatre Finds a Fascinating Musical

The musical explores the life of Chilean folk singer and political activist Violeta Parra.

Having fun here are Jordan Savusa and Meghan Babbe in 'The Second City’s Greatest Hits: Volume 59.' (Photo: Tim Schmidt)

August Theater Guide: The REAL Exhibition Season

Pittsburgh’s theater schedule this month includes strong shows performed by first-string players.

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